In third grade we have three major units of study: Earth Cycles, the Solar System, and the Human Body. The websites listed below provide students opportunities to explore concepts from these units in a variety of ways. We will be using these websites in the computer lab, and students are welcome use them at home as well.

Water Cycle Websites Rock Cycle Websites

Water Cycle Animation Exploring Earth Animations

Water Cycle Diagram Rocks and Soils (Sarah Jane Adventure)

Water Cycle Game Rocks and Soils Tests

Water Cycle Fill in the Blanks Create a Rock Collection

Ice, Water, and Steam Identify Different Types of Rocks

Water Cycle Lesson and Game Transform the Rock

Rock Cycle Diagram

Complete the Cycle

Test Your Skills

(Entire Website: Interactives - Rock Cycle)

Sun, Moon, and Earth Websites Human Body Websites

BrainPop Space Your Gross and Cool Body

The Solar System Virtual Body

The Nine Planets Arnold

Interactive Universe Circulation Station

How much would I weigh on...? Respiratory System

Planet Mass Comparison Digestive System

Sun, Earth, and Moon - Sarah Jane Adventure The Human Body Lesson and Game

Earth, Sun, and Moon

The Phases of the Moon Simulation

The Solar System Lesson and Game

BrainPop Movies

WaterCycle BrainPop

Types of Rocks


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