Unit 2:Suffixes

Unit Overview

Unit 2 reviews the suffixes -s, -es, -ed, -ing, -ive, -able, -en, -er, -est, -ish, -y, -ful, -less, -ness, -ly, -ty, and -ment. It teaches the rules for adding a suffix to a closed syllable.

Here's what to expect from Unit 2

* There are two different kinds of suffixes. Vowel suffixes begin with a vowel. Consonant suffixes begin with a consonant.

* When we spell words with suffixes we say the whole word, say and tap just the baseword, spell the baseword and add the suffix. We do not tap suffixes.

* Some closed syllables are special kinds of words called 1-1-1 words. These words have:
1 Syllable
1 Vowel
1 Consonant after the Vowel

examples: bat, swim, hit, stop, grab

* When we add a consonant suffix to a 1-1-1 word, we simply add the suffix.
example: swim + s = swims
* When we add a vowel suffix to a 1-1-1 word, we double the final consonant before adding the suffix. This keeps the vowel sound short.
example: swim + ing = swimming
* We do not double the final consonant in a 1-1-1 word when the final consonant is an x. The letter x is never doubled.
example: tax + es = taxes

** See Resources for printable posters and word lists.

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