File JEAA-R: Procedures for Student Attendance/Student Absences and Tardiness


The Board recognizes that absences from school can have an impact on a student's academic success.  This set of procedures outlines the ways in which our schools respond to student absences.
I. Student Responsibilities
Mt. Ararat High School: The student is responsible for regular attendance in all classes so he/she may benefit from continuity of instruction, sequential presentation of material, and class interaction. It is the student's responsibility to inquire about and make up any work missed due to an absence.
II. Classification of Absences
Each absence will be classified by the school administration as either excused or unexcused (See Policy JEA).
A. Excused Absences
Mt. Ararat High School: If a request for a planned absence is approved (See Policy JEA), the student will receive a written verification of the approval that the student must present to each of his/her teachers in order to make up missed class work.
B. Documented Absences
Mt. Ararat High School: Excused absences verified by a note or appointment card on office stationery (i.e. doctor, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, orthodontist), pre-approved planned family trips, religious-related absences, and absences due to extenuating circumstances approved by the administration are examples of absences recorded as documented.
C. Unexcused Absences
Generally, absences that cannot be classified as excused (see Policy JEA) will be considered as unexcused.
Mt. Ararat High School: Students with unexcused absences will be required to make up all missed work but may only receive credit up to 60%. 
III. Absence Limit
Mt. Ararat High School: Students who accumulate more than five (5) excused and/or unexcused absences in any academic quarter, in the same class, will receive a grade no higher than 59%.  All absences from class will be calculated in accumulating the maximum except those absences that are recorded as documented absences, incurred while a student is participating in school-sponsored activities, or when a student has been suspended from school.
IV. Exceptions
Mt. Ararat High School: An Attendance Review Committee will be established by the administration. The Committee will consider mitigating circumstances, in individual cases, which might be grounds for a waiver of these procedures.
FIRST REVIEW: January 23, 2014       
SECOND REVIEW: February 27, 2014

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